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Fall Staff Picks 2022

Family Drama

Because family drama might be timeless, but the best season for it (and apples) is Fall!

apples never fall.jpg


Because as the days get continue to get shorter and the dark grows so does the need for a good thriller!

things we do in the dark.jpg

Young Adult

Because young adult books are excellent reads and it's never too late to FALL for a new book genre!

girls i've been.jpg

Historical Fiction

Because reading a great historical novel while drinking a pumpkin spiced beverage and watching the leaves fall is the best feeling! 

bloomsbury girls.jpg


Because nothing says Fall like a book that both begins and ends on All Soul's Day and is filled with mystery!

the sentence.jpg


Because we would be remiss if we didn't recommend a horror novel in time for Halloween!


Summer Staff Picks 2022


Because Summer vacations involve travel and travel calls for a great audiobook!

hello molly.jpg

Magical Realism

Because any vacation to Italian should feel like it has a hint of magic to it!

one italian summer.jpg


Because it had us at Cape Cod but also gave us intrigue, secrets, and friendship to make it the ideal Summer read!

that summer.jpg


Because nothing starts Summer off better than a good romance between authors (according to librarians).

seven days in june.jpg


Because sometimes the greatest Summer adventure is best read about while lounging by the side of the pool!

recovery agent.jpg

Women's Fiction

Because nothing says Summer to a New Jerseyan like the word "boardwalk" (although this particular one is in California).

boardwalk bookshop.jpg

Spring Staff Picks 2022


Because cherry blossoms aren't the only thrill in Washington DC this Spring!

golden couple.jpg


Because being meta in any season is fun: A book about reading lists featured on a reading list!

reading list.jpg


Because reading and drinking (blush) wine in an Adirondack chair seems like a very Spring appropriate activity!



Because April showers bring May flowers and May flowers all have their own meanings!

language of flowers.jpg


Because Spring is all about new beginnings, new attitudes and new badasses!

you are a badass.jpg


Because Father's Day is technically in Spring and Anansi takes Dad Jokes to a whole other level!

anansi boys.jpg

Winter Staff Picks 2022


Because a romantic weekend away is still possible in the winter, just make sure to check the weather forecast... and the guest list.

an unwanted guest.jfif


Because family bonds are best explored while wrapped in a cozy blanket, drinking hot chocolate.

winter garden.jfif


Because a (possible) murder on the snow-covered streets of London is not only a good way to start a mystery but also a good way to start a series!

cuckoo's calling.jfif


Because silent snowfalls and silent patients can hide an amazing amount of secrets!

silent patient.jpg

Non Fiction

Because whether you are dressing it up for the cold weather or taking it to the gym (hi New Year's resolutions), the human body is a fascinating thing!

the body.jfif


Because nothing says "Heeerrreee's Winter!" like being snowed in at a secluded hotel in Colorado!

the shining.jpg

Fall Staff Picks 2021


Because you can still go away for a thrilling destination weekend in the fall!

guilt trip.jpg

Ghost Story

Because sweater-weather and vengeful ghosts go hand in hand, right?

heart shaped box.jpg


Because who wouldn't want to solve the mystery of why a stranger wrote you into their will?

death of mrs westaway.jpg


Because doubling down on thrillers, inheritances, and murder is never a bad idea (fictionally speaking)!

not a happy family.jpg

Graphic Novel

Because isn't everyone's favorite thing monsters (at least during Halloween)!?

my favorite thing is monsters.jpg


Because nothing says fall like an adult Scooby Gang tangling with some real Lovecraftian nightmares!

meddling kids.jpg

Summer Staff Picks 2021


Because nothing says summer like a classic beach read!


Because going to Brighton is still a valid vacation destination 200+ years later!

pride and prejudice.jpg

True Crime

Because it's best to read about actual murder when you are on a crowded sunny beach! 

in cold blood.jpg


Because vacation allows you to visit different places but books allow you to visit different eras!

four winds.jpg


Because we encourage reading about libraries in every season!

midnight library.jpg


Because travelling in style is a big part of vacation (although we hope murder isn't)!

murder on the orient express.jpg
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