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Patron Rules of Conduct

The Library welcomes and supports the Wallington community by providing information, education, and cultural resources in a safe and pleasant environment, conducive to reading and learning. The Library building and grounds, resources and equipment may not be used to participate in any illegal or prohibited activity. Patrons shall not violate any federal, state, county, or local statute or ordinance.


To maintain personal safety, please do not:

  • Leave a child unattended at the Library. Please refer to the Library’s Unattended Children Policy.

  • Request staff to protect or monitor children, adults needing care, or personal belongings.

  • Film, photograph, interview, or otherwise record patrons or staff within the Library, except with the Library Director’s express prior written approval and with the approval of the individual(s) being filmed, photographed, interviewed, or otherwise recorded.

  • Smoke, strike matches, or light lighters within fifty (50) feet of the Library building.

  • Possess, sell, distribute, consume, or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.

  • Bring animals into the Library, except service animals to assist patrons with disabilities, or animals that are part of an approved Library sponsored program.

  • Enter the Library without wearing shoes and clothing covering both the lower and upper parts of the body. Users of the library are expected to maintain an acceptable standard of personal hygiene. Infected clothing or personal effects or unpleasant body odor that may disrupt other users or employees of the Library is unacceptable. 

  • Wear roller blades or cleats, or use a skateboard or hoverboard inside the Library. 

  • Skateboard or ride bicycles on the walkways around the building.

To preserve a peaceful and pleasant environment, please do not:

  • Harass and/or act abusively, in any manner, towards other Library patrons or staff.

  • Solicit for contributions or signatures, sell merchandise or services, or conduct surveys without the permission of the Library Director.

  • Carry a weapon into the Library, unless authorized by law.

  • Engage in disruptive conduct including loud talking, rude and offensive language, making noise, running, pushing, fighting, or inappropriate and/or lewd conduct.

  • Sleep in the Library or on Library property.

  • Interfere with another person’s use of the Library facilities, materials, or services or with the library staff’s performance of their duties.

  • Intentionally disrupt library staff or patrons by staring at another person with the intent to inhibit that person from utilizing the Library appropriately or following another person about the building with the intent to irritate that person.

  • Use cell or smart phones loudly or in a manner or for a duration that is disruptive to others. (Phones should be placed in silent mode upon entering the Library.)

  • Use any device to play or listen to content with sound that can be heard by others.

  • Engage in any other activities that are inconsistent with those activities normally associated with the use of public library facilities, such as reading, studying, and using Library materials and services.

To protect our facility and holdings, please do not:

  • Steal, damage, deface, destroy or vandalize Library materials, premises or equipment.

  • Misuse the restrooms (e.g. as a laundry or bathing facility).

  • Use fire exits, except in an emergency.

  • Open/close windows.

  • Move or misuse furniture (e.g. sitting on tables or putting feet on chairs).

  • Enter non-public areas without permission.

  • Eat food in the Library unless given permission by the Library Director or staff as part of a Library sponsored or authorized program.  Drinking beverages in lidded containers is permitted, except at the public computers.

  • Place bicycles anywhere on the Library property other than the bicycle rack.

  • Vandalize cars and/or other real or personal property/items in the Library parking lot or anywhere else on Library property, including the building and/or grounds.


Library patrons of any age violating any of these rules are subject to immediate loss of Library privileges (including but not limited to loss of access to the Library building or to public computers for a specified period of time) and/or legal proceedings, which may include police intervention and arrest. Longer term loss (suspension or revocation) of Library privileges shall be determined by the Library Director through a written notice, to be delivered in person within the Library and/or sent by certified mail to the patron’s last known address. 


Patrons who wish to appeal their loss of privileges may submit a written letter of appeal to the Library Director within ten (10) days of the Director’s notice. Written appeals shall be promptly forwarded to the President of the Library Board of Trustees, who will convene a committee and make a determination within thirty (30) days. The decision of the President’s Committee is final.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees on March 18, 2021.

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