Tuesday - December 14, 2021
at 5:00PM at the Library


Board of Trustees




Janet Centanni


James Albro

Vice President

Janet Mizdol


Joan DiBernardo


Mayor Melissa Dabal

Mayor, Ex-Officio

Susanne Preinfalk

Council Liaison

Trina Jensen-Bucaro

Aeri Lee

Magda Thompson

In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act (Chapter 231 P.L. 1975), the JFK Memorial Library Board of Trustees will hold their 2021 regular meetings on the third Thursday of every month. Meetings are held at the Library located at 92 Hathaway Street in Wallington and begin at 5:00pm.

Due to the NJ State of Emergency, meetings may take place virtually. Please check our website to determine the status of upcoming meetings. The Board reserves the right to suspend the July and/or August and December meetings.

All Library Board meetings are open to the pubic and all are welcome to attend. 


Board members are appointed by the mayor and council of the Borough of Wallington, with the exception of the school superintendent.