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Hotspots are available for patrons ages eighteen (18) or older with valid Wallington library cards in good standing. Only one hotspot may be borrowed by a household at a time. 


Hotspots have a loan period of fourteen (14) days and cannot be renewed. The late fee charge for a hotspot is $5.00/day. If a hotspot is lost or damaged the replacement cost is $100.00. 


Hotspots must be returned to the Wallington Library and cannot be left in the bookdrop. Hotspots left in the book drop are subject to a $5.00 fine. 


Internet filtering is not provided through the hotspot. The Wallington Library is not responsible for information/content accessed using the hotspot, and does not guarantee the security of the Wi-Fi network. Use of the hotspot to access information/content deemed to be illegal or obscene according to federal, state, or municipal law will result in the patron’s hotspot borrowing privileges being revoked and potentially in criminal prosecution. 

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